Large Stainless steel enclosure

When exposed to severe conditions, electronics shall be housed in a water tight enclosure.

There exist numerous standard enclosures in materials having variable long term resistance to sun or to corrosion.

These could however be too small for the requirements, not strong enough to withstand wind force, missing insulation protecting equipment and avoiding condensation, not protecting against effects of EMC radiations (e.g. in areas prone to lightning strikes), not sufficiently resistant to high corrosion (i.e proximity to the sea or to industries) or abrasion (i.e. sand storm)

Micro Shelter Solution however offers a unique design with a NEMA 4X insulated stainless steel enclosure made on standard or custom sizes up to 2000 x 1700 x 900 millimeters (HWD). These are built with two skins and separated by E class extruded polystyrene foam, using the sandwich panels technique.

This enclosure can be fitted with high throughput fans NEMA 4X (IP65) in stainless steel covers with fresh air entry grid and 10μm filter for moderate climate conditions, or with air-conditioning systems in single or dual configuration (depending on enclosure size) in order to control humidity along with temperature.

ROXTECs or other cables entries available as options.