MS Accessories

The Micro Shelter Solution is highly configurable and there are many options and customization capabilities supported.

Radar Antenna Stud

Radar antenna stud

Mechanically rotating antenna support with or w/o stability arms

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Low Camera Support W Radar And FLIR

Low support for camera

Compatible with rotating radar

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High Camera Support With Camera

High support for camera

A camera support can be fitted on top of the Micro Shelter

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TERMA Antenna Lifting 21

Sensors lifting device

Light and efficient sensors installation system

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90° Ebeam W Radar

90° e-beam forming radar support

Electronic beam forming radar panels can be installed on supports

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RDF Mast 2

Retractable mast

Manually retractable mast for RDF or other coms equipment

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TETRA W Antenna

GSM/TETRA antennas support

For BTS or specific communication applications

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Installation And Rack Inside Shelter

19 inches equipment rack

A specific rack can be fitted inside the Micro Shelter in order to optimise equipment space

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OG Platform BW

Corrosive environment A/C

Air Conditionning Systems with low maintenance requirements

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Dual AC

Dual air-conditioning system

Redundancy and load balancing cooling operation for temperature and humidity control

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Stabilisation Kit

For installations on flat surfaces, ground or rooftops

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