Consultancy radar mitigation in wind energy industry

Micro Shelter Solution’s engineers have developed a special expertise in Consultancy Services applied to mitigation and installation of radars and other AtoN (VHF, AIS, electro-optics…) in the wind energy industry:

  • for offshore installations, mitigating the effect of the wind park to Ports, Navies or Coast Guards maritime surveillance systems;
  • for onshore installations, mitigating the impact to civilian or military aviation radars, or in implementing radar operated Obstruction Light Control,

Micro Shelter Solution can help you in realizing:

  • impact study
  • consultancy on radar mitigation
  • understanding Government operational and technical requirements
  • performance analysis
  • interface specifications
  • installation recommendations
  • user and maintenance documentation writing
  • training
  • availability calculations
  • maintenance
radar mitigation consultancy wind farm

Micro Shelter Solution is Global Wind Organization (GWO) trained for interventions offshore.

See details on offshore wind reference in services and consultancy on radar mitigation : Galloper OWF Radar antenna installation