The generic presentation of the Micro Shelter product family is given at this link.

The MS14 is a 1.4m (external wall to wall) square housing that can:

TETRA GSM transportable shelter

  • be installed on top of masts/towers
  • lower equipment to antenna cable/WG length and thus optimize performances
  • have a small wind surface and ease mast-up installations
  • limit cabling work performed on site
  • replace studs and other supports

The MS14 is:

  • customizable to support different types of sensors’ antennas (radars, RDF, cameras…)
  • flexible to several types of applications, in different sizes
  • easily transportable

It is the smallest shelter that can just accomodate highly integrated racked equipment in a 19 inch format at 600mm depth, along with maintenance personnel.

Use of MS14 is suggested where space or windload is an important factor (i.e. on top of high towers).

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