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Micro Shelter Solution protecting equipment at Port of London Authority

Micro Shelter Solution commissioned a MS17 at the Port of London Authority last month. Fitted with an 18 feet radar antenna on its roof, housing radar transceiver and other computing and communication electronics, this shelter is installed on a temporary radar site in the Thames estuary.

Successfully to its size and capabilities, this shelter was an efficient solution for this project, and has enabled to secure that an environmentally safe location is used for this surveillance electronics.


Made out of 316L stainless steel for all its outside protection components, this shelter will offer exceptional corrosion protection in such difficult environment. It is fitted with industrial grade air conditioning systems particularly fit for this purpose, and controlled by the Micro Shelter Solution SCADA intelligent software for local and remote surveillance.


Available in different sizes and material, the Micro Shelter is specifically designed to house surveillance, communication and security equipment in Coastal, Border, oil and gas, offshore applications…



Micro Shelter Solution is dedicated to offering world class housings for protection of the most critical components in adverse conditions