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NEMA 4X Environment controlled equipment shelters and cabinets in stainless steel

Micro Shelter Solution introduces its two families of environmental controlled NEMA 4X shelters made in 316 Stainless Steel:

  • structural version accomodates equipment on its roof with MS14, MS17, MS22 and MS24 models with a very strong resistance to wind,
  • non structural version is made for floor and walls installations and comes as MS15NS, MS22NS, MS24NS models

Other sizes and materials are also available on request.

These are fitted with industrial grade air conditionning system. Single A/C or dual A/C is supported.

Applications include installation in coastal areas, oil and gas facilities, offshore wind parks, mining with strong corrosion, power utilities… in countries demonstrating harsh climate environment.

These are weatherproof, as well as made for long life corrosion resistance, making them NEMA 4X (see NEMA standard)