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Micro Shelter in a gold mine

Mining industry needs to automate and digitise its operations in order to improve efficiency.


This requires installation of network communications, voice communications, and other specific production and seismic surveillance tools down the mine.

In an environment in constant evolution due to the permanent excavations, deploying an adaptable network infrastructure is a requirement.


Having said this, the real challenge is to protect the suite of required IT/communication equipment, in a tunnel where dust, humidity and temperature can be extreme. On top of this, is the presence of highly corrosive sulphurs and other chemicals that would eat any normal steel in a few months!


In this context, using easily relocatable stainless steel 316L Micro Shelters, built for extreme environment has enabled this gold/copper mine operator to protect its equipment safely and securely. The remote surveillance capabilities are also highly valuable where several hours are required to access the site, and thus save of troubleshooting time.



Delivered to a local system integrator, such mine shelter will be installed within the context of an underground expansion for a leading international mining company operating in Asia Pacific region.


Attached photo depicts the two MS24 after successful Factory Acceptance Test, witnessed by the customer’s representative.


About Micro Shelter Solution

Micro Shelter Solution is dedicated to offering world-class housings for protection of the most critical components in adverse conditions.

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