Micro Shelter Solution generating its own status monitoring electricity

For remote sites, the quality of grid or self-generated power is essential to the availability of the surveillance missions. Even if battery packs are installed in order to maintain service, their capability may not be sufficient for the overall repair time.

Micro Shelter Solution is now offering a small wind turbine which may be installed on the roof of the Micro Shelter, or elsewhere on the tower. With the electricity generated, a set of dedicated batteries will power the “shelter and site monitoring sensors and computer”. Whatever happens to the primary power, the system will keep trace of the environmental conditions in which the equipment has been stored and its security. Decision on how to resume full site operation can be made with precise understanding of this period. There is no unknown. See an animated video.


This setup has the following advantages:

  • Very high availability wind turbine, with storm proof survivability
  • Corrosion resistant material and dust proof setup via continuous greasing system
  • Minimal noise and vibrations created by vertical wind turbine, not affecting tower design and movement sensitive sensors such as cameras
  • Most surveillance sites are installed on high points of coast line or hills, and natural wind is available during periods of the day, or of the year

These power generation capabilities come in complement to the “intelligence” of the Micro Shelter which includes surveillance of numerous environmental factors inside and outside the housing. This feature adds to the “Eco-friendly” objective of the Micro Shelter optimizing power consumption for equipment cooling.Installation setups for mechanically rotating antennas or with cameras are also available, depending on the tower structure.


Wind turbines are products of Oy Windside Production Ltd and are available in different sizes and performance in order to accommodate special local conditions. Powering a remote site completely via wind turbine can be studied on a case per case basis.