Micro Shelter Solution losing weight after the festive season

Micro Shelter Solution offers compact on-mast or building-top housing capability with integrated antenna support for efficient deployment. In some environments, the use of aluminium material is satisfactory with regards to exposure to corrosion.


ALU8Aluminium being much lighter than steel, this configuration of the Micro Shelter weights under 500Kg with dual air conditioners, which is approximately half the weight of a stainless steel equivalent. This facilitates the overall handling of the shelter during installation works.

In order to offer sufficient corrosion protection, all external parts are passivated, sandwich panels are painted with high grade 3 layers coating.

With an advanced construction design, the stiffness of the aluminium is sufficient to offer a twist and sway stable support to sensitive devices such as cameras.

This midrange solution consequently provides the following advantages:

  • Light construction appropriate for small towers, and temporary setups
  • Panels can be painted in selectable colours to match the environment
  • Solution is affordable due to lower cost of material
  • Construction and fittings enables to guarantee a NEMA 4 / IP 65 protection

This housing comes in complement to the “intelligence” of the Micro Shelter which includes surveillance of numerous environmental factors inside and outside the housing.

Size and dimensions of the Micro shelter are variable and may accommodate special demands. Download the revised Micro Shelter datasheet.