stainless steel shelter

Micro Shelter Solution releases its MS17 stainless steel shelter

Micro Shelter Solution performed successful Factory Acceptance Tests of a MS17 stainless steel shelter. This housing with a 1.7m wall to wall external size, will support an 18 feet radar scanner and house the transceivers and other electronics.

After thorough testing, in particular at the IP 66 water ingress level, the shelter was qualified by its buyer and will be installed in the coming weeks on a shore side location.

Made out of 316L stainless steel for all its outside protection components, this stainless steel shelter will offer exceptional corrosion protection in such difficult environment. It is fitted with industrial grade air conditioning systems particularly fit for this purpose, and controlled by the Micro Shelter Solution shelter controller intelligent software for local and remote surveillance.

The maintainers can verify and troubleshoot the overall electrical and environmental conditions of this infrastructure from their phone.

Industrial air-conditionning system enables to maintain a constant temperature and internal humidity level in order to avoid any condensation on the equipment, and limiting the amount of fresh air input, which may be polluted by the seaside conditions.

Available in different sizes and material, the Micro Shelter is specifically designed to house surveillance, communication and security equipment in Coastal, Border, oil and gas, offshore applications…



Micro Shelter Solution is dedicated to offering world class housings for protection of the most critical components in adverse conditions